wai group  

We are very transparent in how we work and why we advise what we do, rather than confuse you with fancy terminology or lots of numbers, we explain the ’nuts and bolts’ to make sure you understand it and it makes sense to you, nothing gets done without your express consideration and approval.

Our business is built on the premise that we are partners and we will be with you every step of the way on your journey, meaning we will meet with and speak to you frequently each year. This means we have a vested interest to ensure our clients are achieving strong and consistent results along the way, this fundamentally drives our investment philosophy for all client strategies. 

At WAI Group, we’re all about the future. The idea pre-occupies us in pretty much everything we do. When we ask people what the future looks like, we hear stories that involve dreams, hopes and aspirations – all with lots of detail about how they want to live their futures. People talk about wanting to be free, being able to choose how to live their lives. They want choices about the things they do, and a desire to not be restrained. We also find people aren’t selfish about this: they also want this for loved ones, family, and for themselves.

With so much invested in this thing we call ‘the future’, what we do now is pretty important. The quality of the decisions made now will change what comes. We understand this. We understand the future depends on what we do in the present.


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