We believe Brand is your WHY.

It's taking a Position, owning a Value, standing for something.
And that something is not WHAT you do - it's WHY you do it. This is what people will believe. Your brand is not your product. Your brand is the belief behind your product.
We all buy Brand before before we buy product.

"With you, all the way"
client - amg home builders

This Positioning Statement wonderfully captures the sense of reassurance and partnership AMG Home Builders bring to the table when you deal with your clients. It’s also fundamentally what you offer new clients. We’re with you, all the way. The phrase also generates a number of unspoken sentiments as people read it, including the sense of journey - from completion till end. By starting with the word ‘you’, we immediately put our customer front and centre, given them a sense they are the focus, the one who is the centre of your attention. The phrase also communicates in an unspoken way your sales philosophy. Perhaps most importantly, this Positioning Statement creates a sense of certainty in the receiver, in doing so, disengaging the fears + negative stories the rational mind delivers about the category.

"Our heart’s in the right place"
client - acton victoria park

This positioning is designed as a play on words that carries two core elements: Heart (passion, belief, love, care, understanding, honesty, optimism) Place (home, location, connection, identity) The tag is deeply meaningful. Metaphorically, we’re saying “we care deeply about you, your life journey, and what you’re trying to achieve, be it selling your first home or moving up the property ladder.” It's a commitment to honesty. In another sense, we often refer to homes as ‘our place’, making this literally about finding the right property for you (it’s our top priority). This concept of place is important, as our sense of place is fluid – it changes over time as we grow. We move suburb, state, country. Upgrade to a bigger home, chase a ‘sea change’, move to the city for work opportunities, or flock to the country to raise a family. Ultimately, place shapes our identity. 

"Moments that matter"
client - TOUR TIME, new ZEaland

The essence of the Tour Time business is creating experiences that change lives. The tours invigorate, transform and inspire. The experiences spark change such that your participants become better people. Tour Time fundamentally contributing to your customers’ lives. As a values based organised, their two defining values are: Transformation + Capturing the essence of Life.

Moments that matter, as a Positioning Statement, communicates the heart of these values in a sentiment that immediately talks to a deeper Truth about what we’re all chasing. We’re looking for significance, for meaning, for purpose. Moments that matter is a high level statement, and, when taken out of the Tour Time context, is a mantra for life. When applied to Tour Time, the phrase speaks directly to what you deliver – moments that matter, and also what your customer wants. The phrase encourages people to become mindful of the power of Moments, inviting them to focus on the idea of a moment. It is a call to arms to be mindful and celebrate such moments. In somewhat of an implied way, the phrase reminds us that ‘moments’ are all we have. Now. This moment. When thought of like this, it becomes an invitation to make this moment matter.