seton catholic college 

Coming to a new school means new teachers, new friends, new subjects and a new school campus, all of which can be very exciting, though a little daunting.  One of the outstanding features of our school is without doubt the quality of personal attention afforded to each of our 1000+ students.

Regardless of the range of facilities or modern equipment that exist at Seton Catholic College, the basis of a truly healthy educational environment will depend mainly on mutual respect.  It is our aim to guide students towards self-discipline, by encouraging them to accept responsibility for their own actions and the consequences that will result.

We also take pride in offering a broad and meaningful education that embraces spiritual, religious, intellectual, physical, social and emotional development.  Students are encouraged to follow Gospel values and aspire to our College Motto to ‘Seek Christ’ in all facets of their lives.

In recognition of our striving for excellence, four Academic Scholarships are awarded each year, both to Year 7 students and to those entering Year 11.  Added to these are the Emilie de Vialar, Music and Aboriginal Scholarships.  Further information on these can be obtained by looking under Enrolments/Scholarship section of the main menu.



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