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Located in Samson, Seton Catholic College is a co-ed high school with an energy immediately evident when walking onto the campus. In contrast to other high schools where students may not make eye contact, smile or engage with guests, Seton students greet guests with refreshingly warm smiles and bright eyes that implies a sense of acceptance and trust.

Seton approached The Jam Jar with a sales and communication challenge. The school was aware of the energy it possessed but had struggled to concisely encapsulate and communicate it. They also sought to understand more fully the nuances and subtleties parents use when choosing a school for their children. The school understood that understanding these two factors employing insights into the brand story would positively impact wider belief in the school, and subsequent enrolments.

Local area competitors typically make appeals along lines of double gymnasiums, specialist academic or sporting programmes, or religiosity. Seton had traditionally not behaved in this way, possessing a reputation as more of an arts school who willingly invite students/families from non-Catholic backgrounds into their community.

To enhance and drive their reputation, The Jam Jar suggested the school needed to stand for something more than what they do. To build credibility, we needed to reinforce what they do with why they do it. This was the focus of the first stage of our strategy work. “Every interaction matters” is a promise to market that exists beyond buildings, sporting programmes or location. It nicely captures the sense visitors get while simultaneously drawing attention to the power of the now moment as formative in a persons’ development.  The concept acts as a springboard for us to tell personal, poignant stories of how experiences and interactions are significant.
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