Understanding leads to confident action

The Jam Jar are firm believers the gold already exists, there's not always a need to reinvent the wheel, it may just be about sharpening the focus.

The nuggets of understanding we refer to must however be uncovered, not guessed. This is one of the many benefits of research: understanding.

If you've ever been curious to understand why your customers act as they do, or why your non customers don't engage with you, The Jam Jar can help.  We'll ...Understand your business and your category + Focus on your brand and sales challenges + Collaboratively develop a Qualitative Research Questionnaire + Conduct research. Analyse research findings + present observations as consumer patterns + priorities + decision making criteria + category stereotypes & expectations.

We'll also present the unexpected, the recurring themes of what customers said that were different to the hunches we had going into the research. It's such observations that may lead to rethinking your business as a result of observing new market opportunities.

We'll also engaging in a bit of Blue Ocean Strategy - but we can tell you about that when we meet (or read about it on the our Strategy page).