C O N N E C T I O N  W I T H  P U R P O S E

Every industry has its stereotypes, and advertising is full of ‘ad men’, right?
As cool as the TV show Madmen was, it’s not us. We’re not a well-oiled machine of wheeler dealer sleazy salespeople, or a business of social misfits who use crayons instead of blue pens. We won’t baffle you with B*S, nor do we speak computer (some people really do think it’s a language of marketing???).
You’ll find The Jam Jar are people who care about something other than ourselves. We’ll guide you along a journey of discovery, partnering with you to focus on solutions in the best way (not the easiest or quickest). We’re not a ‘yes’ factory, and just as we respect you know what you’re doing, we ask you do the same.