Hawl healthcare     

HAWL offers a unique opportunity for the Residential Aged Care Facility (RACF) to provide in-house comprehensive healthcare services. The HAWL system will complement any healthcare services currently provided by the RACF.

HAWL recognises that all aged care residents deserve high quality, accessible and convenient healthcare which is why we have created and developed a comprehensive and detailed model of services which addresses the ultimate needs of the residents.

By providing GPs and nurses that integrate with the RACFs existing staff, HAWL is able to:

  • create loyalty with clients and elderly patients and their families, based on our full understanding of their needs.
  • pioneer an exclusive concept in healthcare services to the elderly population who reside in residential aged care facilities.
  • develop and maintain a client base who demand dependable, high quality healthcare services
  • facilitate a proactive Annual Resident Healthcare Plan which includes the comprehensive medical and medication assessment, as well as a multi-disciplinary case conferencing by bringing together all care providers, as regulated by Medicare Australia.
  • ensure that all healthcare services provided by HAWL incur no cost to the RACF.
  • facilitate more efficiency by eliminating the administrative aspects of the GP’s role, therefore allowing the GP to spend more quality time with the resident. The nurse plays the vital supporting role to the GP and performs the essential intermediary position of conduit between RACF and doctor.
  • enhance deeper and clearer communication channels between all parties involved in the delivery of health care to the patient by prioritising access to voicing the patients’ families concerns directly to the GP, through the nurse – which results in strengthening the connection between the patient and the same attending GP, each time.
  • improve the flow of information by enabling direct interaction between the GP and the patients’ families instead of relying on the RACF staff as a conduit. This approach has the advantage of the family relaying their message personally to the GP via the nurse – thus assisting them to feel secure and assured that their concerns are being addressed directly by the GP, rather than having to rely on RACF staff to convey messages.


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