Why choose The Jam Jar?

The Jam Jar is not a typical advertising agency.
Why? Because we believe something is missing in 'usual' advertising. That thing is Values. Yes Values. We believe humans are moral, not simply rational. We believe we're all making WHY and WHAT based decisions all the time. It's not just about features and benefits, that's old school. It's about standing for something, owning a Value. We'll dig a little to help you understand your WHY, creating a story where WHAT you do reinforces WHY you do it. For us, any communication, brand, retail, or otherwise is all about giving more people reasons to believe in you. 
So, if you want a different, more impactful and more meaningful way, you're on the right website.


Brand is what people buy first

Nike stand for action and a resistance to hesitancy: Just do it. Apple is a business that think differently, leading them to disrupt old ways of doing things, creating beautiful customer focussed user friendly technology. National Geographic have just re-branded, removing the world Channel from their name, and taking ownership of a WHY based concept - Further. That's their essence, taking it Further. This is the story they tell and it's what they offer you.
We believe Brand is your WHY. It's taking a Position, owning a Value, standing for something. And that something is not WHAT you do - it's WHY you do it. This is what people will believe. Your brand is not your product. Your brand is the belief behind your product. We all buy Brand before before we buy product.


It's about being authentic

 We think you don’t need to change who you are. We encourage you to be more of what you are.
Believing this make us different to other agencies and 'marketing companies'. Others may funnel you into a process of change, or focus on Product all the time attempting to create tactics and stunts to try and sell more.  Honestly, we think that's a*se about face. It's totally wrong. How can anyone possibility think someone will do something if they don't believe first.
We believe the most powerful way to generate better results is to be Authentic. To understand the essence of what you are, to stand for something. We call it walking in-purpose. The rest is easy.