video creation

Don’t tell people what you do, show them.

Video gets you seen. Literally. It brings who you are and what you do to life in engaging ways. After all, why tell people about what you do, when you can show them. Your customers are more likely to want to use you when your brand and services feel credible, tangible and real.

Because video is one of the preferred ways people choose to consume information, taking a strategic approach to your asset creation through the use of video can be a pivotal tool in lead generation. Video entices both customers and non-customers to ‘click and experience’. It’s also a great way to communicate a service or talk directly to your audience, building authority and connection. Best of all, when you capture your content, you can use it in different ways across different platforms to retarget customers at different stages of the sales journey.

In short, well-thought-out video content can be an instrumental tool in increasing your engagement.

All content is shot on an iPhone 14 Pro Max, with the intention of using it for social media in the form of a Reel. Reels are full-screen vertical videos that can be up to 90 seconds long that can be posted to both Instagram and Facebook. This form of content has a high viewability rate and has an increased chance of organically reaching audiences who don’t already follow you.

Check out some examples below to see what is possible.

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