Put your best foot forward with social media marketing.

Have you ever found yourself immersed in something and lost all sense of time? It may’ve been scrolling through addictive reels at lunch, a deep dive into your favourite topic late at night, or that momentary distraction you didn’t intend to focus on but still did. Whatever it was, a social media management team has planned, intentionally crafted and finalised the content that captured and kept your attention.


Get Your Time Back

Effective, insightful management of social media delivers your business an advantage in today’s attention economy. How? Most importantly, a reliable Perth based social media management company gives you your time back so you can focus on business-critical decisions. Your local social media manager manages your accounts for you, curates your feed, creates content, writes engaging captions, researches hashtags and engages with your community to grow your online presence. Effective social media management means you do you while we support you in the background. 

Content Creation Perth

Our cross-platform Facebook management, Instagram management and LinkedIn content creation integrate your short, media and long-term business goals with content solutions designed to resonate with what your audience wants as we elevate you above your industry competitors. We can provide on-site content creation by visiting your office or worksite, allowing us to create personal and tailored social media content relevant to your business needs, including producing short-form video content (reels). Additionally, our photography services provide stunning, branded imagery that will elevate your social media presence to new heights.

Our Process

Our 5-step Social Media Content Management Plans weave together Strategy, Planning, Creating, Maintaining and Auditing as we synthesise your business goals, market opportunities and buyer personas. With a renewed clear line of sight, we settle on your messaging direction while developing a plan to determine what media is best aligned with your content and audience goals. With The Jam Jar as your social media manager, your business will not only be head and shoulders above the rest, but your reputation management via social media is an extra box ticked on your daily to-do list.

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