marketing automation

A marketing ecosystem that does the heavy lifting for you.

There’s new customers flowing into your database. That’s great! But how do you hold on to them, keep them coming back and get them spending? What’s more, how do you do this cost effectively without losing leads to your competitors?

Automation works to manage many aspects of a customer's journey so you don’t have to. It is an intuitive technology designed for your business that automatically engages, converts and retains customers, triggering communications such as welcome emails, landmark or retargeted messaging.

By analyzing customer insights, context and real time journey behaviour then measuring them against your sales process, we pinpoint the most influential touchpoints of your customer’s user journey to apply a forward thinking system that communicates with them at these moments. We also know your business and your customer’s needs will evolve over time which is why it’s also designed to be flexible.

Designed to do the heavy lifting for you, Automation will keep customers on board and engaged (and you away from time consuming tasks).