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Digital Wizardry

Magic happens when you take a strategy first approach to digital. It comes from treating your online presence as a living, breathing ecosystem. Not just pressing the “publish” button on an ad, then crossing your fingers and toes.

An effective digital strategy takes every click, every enquiry and every new customer you generate and tells you who your customer is and how they interact with you, influencing the way you deliver information online. Making your website, online marketing and strategy interdependent on this information will enrich and expand your business as well as your customer’s user journey.

By combining your insights and goals with our expert digital team, we don’t just use the right tools to make this magic happen, we also take you along for the journey so you can see your digital goals come to life.

With the wave of a magic wand we can make the impossible possible.


Introducing Inkjam Digital, born from necessity in January 2024.

The Jam Jar has launched Inkjam Digital, a bespoke digital agency that marks a new chapter for our team. Operating under a different brand and URL, Inkjam Digital brings the same talented crew from The Jam Jar to focus specifically on digital services.

Why Inkjam Digital?

The Jam Jar has always been a classic Creative + Design + Digital + Photography Agency. However, we recognised the need to separate our digital services to better serve our clients and enhance our own promotional efforts. By creating Inkjam Digital, we can:

Operate in a distinct space, ensuring our digital services receive focused attention.
Achieve clearer, more effective SEO and ad campaign results.
Generate our own leads more efficiently, free from the constraints of a multi-faceted agency.

Inkjam Digital is dedicated to providing specialised digital solutions while maintaining the high standards of creativity and innovation that you expect from The Jam Jar.


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