Corporate Photography and Headshots

Corporate headshots and portraits

Be ahead of the game with professional headshots & corporate photos.

We've all been there, opting for the quick-fix when it comes to staff photos. An awkward iPhone headshot against a badly lit beige wall, sounds familiar? We get it, corporate headshots are a pain to deal with internally and the end result just isn't cutting it. It's time to pull out the big guns and hire a professional photographer.

Professional headshots and corporate photos provide an opportunity to stay ahead of your competitors. While they continue with the 'same old' poor-quality staff headshots, your team are already at the finish line with beautiful, professionally crafted photographs that emulate your business' personality and brand.

When you've already dedicated significant resources to growing your brand and business, going the extra mile to showcase your amazing team feels like an "it just makes sense" moment. By using an experienced photographer, the headshots and corporate photos will speak a thousand words about the great quality of your team and business.

So how much do corporate headshots cost?

We think that they're priceless! But as a guide, we have outlined below the average pricing to receive professional headshots for your company to best profile:

Studio Setup - $180 + gst
For x 2 Images per person - $220 + gst
For a Group shot - $250 + gst

So if you booked in x5 staff for portraits plus a group shot - your price would be somewhere near - $1,530 + gst.

Still think that you can deliver the same result using your phone for a corporate headshot? Check out some of our professional full body and headshots below to show what is possible.

Corporate Portrait FAQs

Branding FAQ

Fashion Photography

Images excite the senses.

We’ve all been seduced in by evocative images of beach resorts at sunset and high fashion items alluringly draped over models. We create vision boards of wannabe lifestyles or homes we wished we lived in. When an image excites us, we automatically want what it represents. All of a sudden a need to own it now can be overwhelming.

It’s a skill an app just can’t reproduce. Professionally shot, personalised images work to present you and your product in the best way possible, having the ability to influence exactly how people see you.

We all assume that nicer looking, well-presented products are better quality, therefore more expensive. So making it look the best it can gives you an edge, bypassing the same-sameness of everybody else. By utilising skilled professional photographers you can control exactly how people perceive you.

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