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A logo is a graphic mark, emblem, or symbol used to aid and promote public identification and recognition. It may be of an abstract or figurative design or include the text of the name it represents as in a wordmark - Wikipedia

What is a logo?

A logo is a motif graphic or symbol that is handcrafted by an Art Director and Graphic Designer to bring your business to life. By giving it identification and recognition, your business will differentiate from the hundreds and thousands of businesses that compete visually for consumer attention each and every day. To ensure your business can be given the right opportunity to stand out, engage a logo design agency to custom make your business' logo.

An Art Director will work with the creative agency's strategic marketing direction to deliver a logo design crafted to embody and portray your business. This is crucial to create a logo that stands out and accurately reflects your brand's personality and its values.

Logo design may sound simple but in fact, it takes many hours of work and huge amounts of professional logo design experience to get the right mixture of symbols, fonts and colours that best portrays your business and the sector it operates within.

Using a professional logo design company creates instant connections with your customers and stakeholders. Clever graphic design through an Art Director enhances recall of your brand or product, which fosters an emotional connection between you and your customers. Thus, boosting your brand loyalty and isn’t that what we all want?

So why wouldn’t you want to entrust your new logo to a professional logo design company rather than sending it “offshore” at the cheapest rate or waiting for your friend's “mate” to do you a favour? Logo design should not be taken lightly as it's the epicentre of your brand and is conveyed on pretty much every single piece of marketing collateral you utilise for your daily business needs.

It needs to be carefully thought out and must work across all platforms. We work with you to identify your brand archetype and research your competitive space to the best of our abilities as this new logo is an integral component of your overall brand.


When you engage a custom design logo company we think of your brand like this:

Simple yet contemporary? The more simplistic the design, the greater the thought and the detail as simplicity creates memorability when you custom design your logo.

Timeless yet current? You don't want your new logo design to be out of date in 12 months so we ensure we stay on trend but also apply an ageless style when considering your logo design.

Mono or colour? These words to a logo design agency mean classy and distinguished vs eye-catching and memorable - so many things to consider when making a new custom logo design.

Strong or approachable? - The way our designer uses thick or thin fonts determines the tone and personality that embodies the custom design of your brand.

So you can see now that your brand does indeed have a personality and it is our job as a creative agency to best explore who and what your brand represents before we commence the logo design journey.

Remember this is not branding, this is logo design. Your brand is identified as an idea or an image that a customer has in their mind when they think or see your business and its offerings. That’s the job of our creative marketing team - to position you prior to your custom logo design thus giving our art director and graphic designer the necessary tools we require to bring your new logo design to life.

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