There is beauty everywhere. Just not everyone sees it

At The Jam Jar we believe people are attracted to beauty. We're not referring to modern versions of what beauty means (fashion, body shape, or other 1st world fads). No, we're referring to the more profound ability of art to impact and move people. We view what we do as art, not merely graphic design.

When you deal with The Jam Jar we'll deliver you ideas that tell a visual story. It's the story you want to tell, a story that reflects your business, your journey, your values, your priorities and how all these bundle together to intersect with your customers and their lives.

We have a thorough and systematic process to deliver much more than a $99 logo or an outsourced piece of work. In fact, if we're being really honest, we think such things are an insult to intelligence - yours, ours and your customers. We treat you and the visual story your business tells with the time and respect it deserves. We also think it's important to treat your customers with the same respect.

We understand the power of perception to influence reality

The Jam Jar will deliver to you: Visual Concepts that represent and bring your priorities to life + Logo ideas that reflect your ideas + A Visual Language that strengthens your brand making it more easily recognisable + Bring all these together showing them across your full suite of marketing collateral + Represent your look across your physical presence as Environmental Design. 

We look forward to showing you our world. For a sneak peak, view our Pinterest site below.