Choose a business name to be remembered by.

Your name is your masthead. As the first port of call for people to recognise and remember you, having a distinct name becomes a helping hand in your success. But what name is right for you and the customers you want to attract? Deciding whether you want to be perceived as innovative or safe, leaders or part of the pack, easily attainable or highly aspirational will set the tone for where you’ll sit within your category.

When cleverly executed a good name sticks in minds and brings your unique intent to life, evoking feelings around your company, acting as a launching pad for your reputation.

So what name is the right name for you? Being too literal can sell yourself short. Being too abstract can find you lost in the woods. With your business name you only have one shot to nail it. It takes a thorough investigation of your category and knowing how you want to present yourself to your customer base to uncover a name that embodies who you are, stands out and is something you’re remembered by.

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