Media buying

When guesswork is not enough.

With a great brand and creative campaign in hand, you might think it’s all smooth sailing from here. You have media budget so all you have to do is choose the platforms to spend it on, right?

Wrong! Deciding where, how and when your message is delivered can actually be the difference between getting leads or a campaign that’s left unheard (or heard by the wrong people).

Rather than just ‘instinctively’ choosing a platform, the art of media buying involves understanding your business objectives and preferences of your customer base. To ensure you get maximum reach and traction we use research, strategy, personas, demographics and psychographics to uncover exactly where your target audience is and how they’re consuming media. That’s how we take away the guesswork for you. We then map out a strategic approach to your media spend with our partnered Media Planner and Buyer Neve Media & OMD WA, so you successfully hit the ground running.

Our trusted partner - Neve Media & OMD WA

There are a number of significant advantages to selecting Neve Media as your media partner. Some key points are listed below. The bottom line is a determination to support you, using the full resources of the OMD network, while offering the personalized services of Debra Neve.

  • Australia’s largest media agency – biggest buying power therefore access to all media channel deals
  • Access to all tools and systems of a national and global network
  • AQX data on competitor activity provided at no extra cost
  • Access to generic Australian market data (SMI), research (ThinkTV) and Global reports (WARC)
  • Transparency on all media buys, commissions and discounts
  • A commitment to liaise with any relevant suppliers, to ensure synergy across advertising campaigns
  • You will never have to worry about a junior being relegated to your business
  • Pre and Post analysis on media campaigns
  • A Perth based Finance team who provide
  • A Dedicated media reconciler
  • Direct access to finance team
  • Comprehensible invoicing process and formats
  • Statements provided at required frequency or upon request
  • All enquiries dealt with within two business days.
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