Key messages

Don’t leave your words to chance.

What you say about your business (both internally and externally) can be your competitive advantage and should be carefully planned with precise intent. You want your staff, your stakeholders and your customers to understand what you do, your core values and what you promise to deliver. This, and more, is all wrapped up in key messaging.

Key messaging aligns all divisions of your company into singing the same tune and walking the same walk. These are the messages that not only get taken to market, but become regular company vernacular. Still, they need to be crafted naturally and be relatable to everyone involved. How else will you connect with them? Here, ‘business speak’ just won’t fly. Key messaging needs to roll off the tongue and feel innate to your company. When this happens, people form positive belief in you.

Types of key messages include:

Category stereotypes
Market opportunity
Customer insights
What customers expect
Our position in the market
Our focus
Our product offering
Our culture
Your tagline.

What your customers expect
Why us
Our position in the market
Our focus
Our approach
Your tagline.

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