Tempting though it may be, it's not a mad hatters tea party

At The Jam Jar we believe people as consumers are attracted to ideas (see our thoughts on the unifying power of brands for more).

We think ideas are a beacon of light on the black and white horizon of excessively boring rational monotony. We think rationality is predictable (and somewhat disappointing). We believe in the power of ideas to entertain, to drive engagement with your business (which creates loyalty beyond reason), and to create action.

We believe in ideas. Can you tell? 

But let us repeat - this is not the mad hatters tea party. Idea generation, like everything we do, has a process. We follow that process.

When you deal with the The Jam Jar, we will create: Concepts that relate to what people already know + But then drive deeper consumer engagement + We'll explore and show you different ways of bringing the ideas to life + We'll write smart words that anchor the ideas in ways that cut through the boredom of traditional advertising + Its our role to execute them, so we will.

Creativity at The Jam Jar is not about thinking outside the box: it's about thinking around corners