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Imagine 16 competitors within 2km radius of your business. Such concentration is typical of CBD cafes, restaurants or bars. But this is the competitive landscape Claremont Dental operate in. Worse still, the typical approach businesses take in this category is the talk about ‘your smile’. This kind of category sameness is almost cringeworthy, let alone worthy of an ‘F’ in strategy efforts.

So, Claremont Dental came to The Jam Jar with what they thought was a sales challenge. Why should someone choose them instead of our competition? To us, this is actually a brand challenge. What does that market know about us that is powerful, relevant, and significant enough to be meaningful enough to spur action? Focussing on a smile is certainly not enough.

A key component of our strategy work at The Jam Jar is to determine what is at stake for the business. What is the bigger story to be told? In the case of dentistry, it’s a commonly held fear of going to the dentist. However, when understood accurately, the fear is not going to the dentist, it is fear of the perceived pain that may occur while there. Such fears act as real barriers to action for customers, where business answer (to focus on smiles) leaves the elephant in the room completely unaddressed.

#Openup is a campaign to directly unpack such perceptions, unwinding customer fears by suggesting that when you open up, good things come. As dentists, Claremont Dental know the mouth holds insights into broader health issues. By breaking down customer fears, Claremont Dental are better able to have more informed conversations, and in a stronger position to offer meaningful advice.
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