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With 10 competing practices located in a small 3km radius, Claremont Dental came to us wanting to attract more customers. In a noisy market where dental practices were all saying the same thing, we recommended they needed to focus beyond their product. They needed a unique reason for people to choose them.

With the aim to show customers how Claremont Dental provides better, our detailed uncovery process used their values to strategically develop their new identity and voice. To alleviate often held fears about visiting dentists, we developed a reassuring message showing Claremont Dental was a safe place to #OpenUp. The secret ingredient to attracting more customers was demonstrating the health and care benefits received when people are open to sharing details from their life that affected their oral health. A human facing communications strategy as part of their identity was key.

Our job was to bring Claremont Dental’s brand ID into the present. With plans to develop a new logo in the future the first stage of our rebrand would focus on an inherited logo with a full rejuvenation of their colours, supporting brand design and brand energy. To complement this rebrand, entertaining campaign artwork would take the #OpenUp message to market offering a warm and lighthearted approach to dentistry.

With so much competition in the area Claremont Dental came to us with the goal of building business momentum. To do this, we developed an efficient and effective digital strategy that would work to keep a customer for life and extend their lifetime value. It would build new leads, generate new business and foster relationships of loyal customers through a long term retention plan. Our comprehensive content marketing plan created cross platform touchpoints that brought to life Claremont Dental’s unique brand voice and personality, increasing pattern interrupts across the web. In addition to this, our layered strategy effectively took them to number one in their SEO and Google Ad rankings.


Marketing Collateral
Campaign Artwork
Brochure Writing
Web Copy

Creative Campaigns
Key Messages
Digital Advertising
Content Marketing

Christmas Cards
Dr Dom Etheridge - portrait shot for website
Dr Dom Etheridhe and team - group photo for website

As a family focused practice it was important to demonstrate the warmth and friendliness of the Claremont Dental team. We took a fun, relatable approach to staff photos showing their staff are real people, just like you.

Our creative campaigns set out to tackle fears many people have going to the dentist. By using a reassuring voice and playful images we made Claremont Dental a more reassuring choice.

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