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The Problem

Top notch steakhouse restaurant Char Char Bull came to us with the objective to reinvigorate their identity and bring in more diners. They had an established male customer base but had noticed female patronage was declining. Char Char Bull were casual dining but knew they had the potential to elevate their status. They had regulars but they lacked the frequent drop ins that Fremantle Harbour’s foot traffic was able to offer.

We set out to rebrand, rename and fit out their restaurant with the intent of establishing Char Char as a premium dining establishment. Faced with the challenge of appealing to more female diners, we knew the word Bull in the business name was acting as a roadblock. The associated mental imagery with the word was subconsciously saying this was a place for steak eating males to dine and inadvertently worked against what they wanted to achieve. By renaming them Char Char Restaurant, yet still incorporating the bull elegantly into a new logo we could retain their origin, yet elevate it for greater appeal. Because their dining experience was celebratory, we chose to mirror this mood with our bull mascot playfully turned on its side, playing a trumpet. This was now more than just a steakhouse logo. Our concept would also carry through to the restaurant design and language used across their menus, signage and website. With a new name, new logo and new elevated image Char Char found a space amongst their competitors as a high end dining experience for all. With it, the women returned… No bull!

The solution

Every detail accounted for. By bringing logo and design accents right through the environment we built a cohesive inhouse energy for Char Char.

With the opportunity to open the space up to a new look, a new energy and ultimately new customers we renamed our client Char Char Restaurant, dropping the ‘Bull’. To retain their story’s origin, we incorporated their mascot elegantly (yet playfully) into a new logo. This elevated their brand for greater market appeal.

With a new name and new logo Char Char’s business cards offered fresh energy, elevating their image as a high end dining experience for all.

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