A picture is a mental shortcut

It's a shortcut into the world of the mind. And it's here ideas lie, intention is created, and decisions are made

What mental pictures do your pictures create?

Photography is something else The Jam Jar are insanely passionate about. We live a world where vision is a privileged sense. Never underestimate how a bad picture will turn someone off, totally. And they'll probably tell people about it too (we're not experienced at Crisis Management!).

We'll help you create the right picture in the mind of your consumer with: In-studio shoots + On Location shoots + Commercial Photography + Fashion Photography + Architecture shoots + Portraits + Landscape Photography + Fine Art.

Actually, while we have you, can we be shameless for a moment, by saying Nigel Moyes who is a co-owner is a Landscape Photographer - indulge yourself and check him out: www.nigelmoyes.com.au