The power of brands. Why do people choose one product over another?

How is it you feel some products are more relevant to you and others not? When you have the choice, which do you choose - a branded product or non branded one? And when you do, what are the payoffs for choosing a known brand compared to the risks when selecting a lesser known brand?

The Jam Jar believe as humans we like to belong. Think about it: we listen to what other people say. There are some opinions we take seriously, and others we are quick to dismiss. Sometimes you'll change what you do based on what people suggest. You see, we are inherently social creatures. There's power in being part of a group. We form communities. We belong to sporting clubs. We enjoy our friends. It’s called Herd Mentality.


How is all this relevant to todays business world? How does it apply to brands?

Well, there's a tension here that we need to understand to move forward. How is it we consider ourselves individuals yet when viewed from the outside we behave collectively in patterns?

The Jam Jar ask the question: to what extent are decisions influenced by externally generated factors? When you understand this, you understand the power of a brand to cohesively unite a cluster of people, make them feel like they belong, want to share in your vision, the pay off for which is they give you their money to buy your dream.

We love having these kinds of conversations: they're part of the ingredients that make life tasty. We'd love to discuss your brand with you. So, to discuss the unspoken factors influencing your customers, uncover ways to strengthen people's understanding of your dream, and become Social Constructionists and yet somehow Evolutionary Biologists like us, contact The Jam Jar for a no obligation coffee and chat …