A strong brand is very much part of the sales process and is an effective contributor to the generation of new leads. Below are 5 compelling explanations of how a strong brand will benefit you and your business.


Strong brand recognition is a proactive way into the minds of potential consumers, whom you probably haven’t dealt with.

  • You’ve got out an outbound sales team right – well think of an effective branding strategy as the most effective sales member of your team, interacting and touching a huge number of people each day. People make decisions based on what they think and feel correct? Well, when you invest in your brand you can directly influence what people think of you, because you select the message you go to market with.  Our language: What you think becomes Reality – spend time investing in what people think.



Let’s be clear here, a strong brand delivers your business financial benefits. It creates loyalty, advocacy, and the desire to want to deal with you.

  • Increased brand awareness lowers your cost of customer acquisition, and ongoing brand awareness drives customer loyalty, both crucial factors in todays’ rationally competitive business environment.
  • Effective branding is a perfect example of Perception coming before Reality.  A strong and effective well understood brand arms your potential customers with reasons why they should deal with you. A strong brand also drives loyalty based on the sense the brand understands its customers.  The customer isn’t necessarily aware of this, but they do know it just feels right to do business here. Our language: your brand creates customer comfort and security.



Effective and powerful branding helps making decisions easier.

  • In world characterized by increasing product and marketing sameness, an effective brand aids your potential customers in their choice of who to deal with. When most business focus on rational appeals such as features and benefits, recognition that your brand does not have to behave as others do allows you to create a space that is yours, enabling you to create trust and a set of expectations around your product when everyone else wants to squabble on price.  Our advice, leave them to it. Focus on communicating values with the market – it’s a far more sustainable and ethical way of conducting business.  Our language: our brand is a key and vital differentiator.



Communicating a brand story allows you to focus on something other than price, and when done effectively, you’ll command a premium.

  • Strong brands and their associated strength allow you to command a premium price. A premium price creates the perception of quality. Perceived quality affects customers positively (think about it, do you knowingly wanted to buy crap?). Customers relate value with quality. If one brand is perceived as having higher quality people tend to perceive the higher as having a higher value. Quality then becomes your point of differentiation. Our language: Be expensive, and proud of the fact.



Your brand is delivering you leads, be careful what you say.

  • The Jam Jar believe humans make decisions with their mind and their hearts. Men and women too.  We believe people as customers are as much interested in WHY they should deal with you as WHAT product you have to offer.   Think like a customer for a moment. Surely you’ve desired something and rationalized it yourself by making some kind of value statement (I’ll get lots of use from it, it will last a long time, look at the quality). Look at how the rational appeals are being employed to release your mind from worry to ensure you can have what you want (‘cos it feels good). Our language: forget the why and join the cluster of businesses who are on the race to the bottom because the only thing they know how to focus is how to survive by cutting their price.