live life on purpose


Surfing the web reading ‘about us’ pages it’s typical to stumble across group-speak. Businesses talking about themselves, their product, focussing on ‘what’ they do. You’ll typically read profiles of key personnel, how long they’ve been in business, backed up by a list of sectors the business serves. It’s what they do.

Ok, so now that you’ve read the same kind of thing on 5 different websites, what information do you have that meaningfully helps you choose a business? Has any business given you a genuine point of difference? Our guess is no-one has provided a tangible, powerful reason to choose them because they have focussed on product as their point of difference. But the problem is industry competitors do the same, or similar. And while someone might have a product edge at the moment, what does business do? It copies – so it won’t be long before there’s someone else in the category doing the same. The elephant in the room has been missed, and the real reason to choose you has gone unaddressed.

Your business exists to solve a problem for your customer right? Ours does too. But when you simply focus on what you do, you run the risk of sounding like everyone else.


Enter the age of why. And not talking about yourself, or simply listing your products.

As a ‘why’ based advertising agency, what puts The Jam Jar ahead of the curve and really makes us different is our focus on uncovering your purpose. When other agencies are looking for a new tactic (50 months interest free) we shape your purpose into an idea to use that gives customers a real reason to choose you. In doing so, you get clear air in your category. You’re behaving differently because you’re talking about something more purposeful. Sure, we do pretty design, effective creative, and insightful strategy, and maybe some parts of that help make us different.  But, our purpose is to energise everything you do making it more believable (and hence effective) by being “on-purpose”.

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