stand for something




Every market is full of sameness. Other businesses doing the same (or similar) to you. It’s a consequence of competition, and it presents a serious question: what can you do to stand out?

People do not buy a product, they buy the solution it delivers. It’s not hammer + nail, it’s hanging a picture on the wall. It’s also the clear difference between Sales and Marketing.

It’s our job to create desire and intent for your product or service. We do it by carving a unique market position where you are known for something beyond what you do.

You see, your product is what you do. Your brand is the reputation we build focussed on the solution you provide. It’s why you do it.

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Businesses from all sorts of industries come to us. You’ve got the product. It’s our role to take you to market. We make products more appealing. People come to us to generate better results. We help them sell. That’s what we do. Click here to sell more.

Are we different to other agencies?

Absolutely. We believe technology enhances human interaction, it doesn’t replace it. We love and do tech stuff, but make sure you’re human facing. We’re about motivation, desire and intent, not simply post analysis stats. We create appealing content, discouraging product selling. Why? It’s just plain boring. Click here to be better than your competitors online.


The Jam Jar is not a typical advertising agency. We believe something is missing in marketing. Values. The way to create Trust is to stand for something. This helps people believe - in you.  Click here to build trust and loyalty with your customers.


become more of what you are