Break the mould

Being brave enough to break the mould when everyone else is doing the same thing is what gives your business a competitive edge.

The Jam Jar is a results-driven Perth agency that gets you seen, heard and most importantly maximises your impact through cutting edge Design, Digital and Creative.

How we help

We turn up the volume of your brand to put you in the best position for business success.
With a market-leading USP your customers will know exactly why to choose you ahead of the competition.


Turn heads with bold design. Our design services encompass branding, logos, brochures, packaging, experiential and billboards. Beautiful with bite, we will transform your brand’s energy so it inspires action.


Persuade people to choose you above the rest with impactful ideas and a clear concise voice. Tap into our powerful suite of creative services including copywriting, creative campaigns, TV and radio.


Digital marketing means maximum results for your business. Utilise our strategy-first digital services such as websites, SEO, social media, digital advertising to increase leads and your bottom line.

We decided to engage Jam Jar after our excellent experience with Nigel some 10 years ago, when he undertook the initial branding of SALT Kitchens and Bathrooms. When we decided it was time to update our branding, we researched other Perth companies providing this service, but our instincts kept drawing us back to the relaxed professional style of Jam Jar.

What a team! We would highly recommend Jam Jar to undertake your branding. At Jam Jar, Nigel and Simon are genuinely good people who have your best interest at heart. We are so grateful to them for taking us on this rewarding journey.
In a world full of white noise and product confusion, we wanted to cut through the market clutter. The solutions Simon/Inkling offers is near genius – mind blowing really. I have the upmost respect for raw talent and passion and it’s safe to say that the respect I have for the work produced at Inkling is second to none. Inkling was able to put into words what was contained withing my heart and head. They were able to portray my passion – my WHY – in a way that quite literally took my breath away. If you are considering using Inkling, I would encourage you to trust the process (you’ll understand what I mean by this once you engage their services) because if you do, you will reap the reward. BLAKE HORNER
Our only problem was people didn’t really know who we were or what we did. In particular they didn’t know what differentiated us from other Schools. We were confident that if we could get them to “our door” we could close the deal (so to speak!).
We now feel we have a presence, and this is in no small part to the work of The Jam Jar.

The Jam Jar facilitated a series of workshops with the Key stakeholders and helped establish an environment in which we felt confident in discussing and developing our Values Proposition. By developing it jointly we felt a sense of ownership in the process. B
Throughout the process we felt that The Jam Jar worked alongside us rather than “for us” and this is reflected in the outcome we achieved.
Director of Finance and Operations
Seton Catholic College
The Jam Jar help us find our why and hence our vision for our new brand we have brought to the market. We were not sure how this would happen nor the journey we discovered on just how to bring our vision to reality – that is the masterstroke.

The team involved including Nigel and Simon are very welcoming, positive and knowledgeable. They both created trust in our vision being realised very early on, and the commitment to follow the process to attain the best outcome was ongoing as we worked towards the final product.
I would suggest anyone looking to build a brand, update or create a vision to speak with TJJ.
TJJ are a total in house package and with the creativity, knowledge and understanding you will find your why and then understand exactly how you should be yourself.
The Jam Jar has assisted our business from conception of branding right through to delivery of online and traditional marketing of our product. The Jam Jar have consistently met our brief but have also assisted further in challenging our position and providing fuel for growth in our branding and advertising.

Simon and Nigel are not only interested in what their customers are doing but also committed to being a part of the journey. Their creative thinking is excellent and they help make the marketing and advertising process productive and outcomes driven.

Be clear about your needs and outcomes and give The Jam Jar an opportunity to create something great for your business.



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