We believe to love what you do means you'll find stimulation, reward + challenges everyday of your life.

The Jam Jar is a full service boutique advertising agency. Our services are diverse, and encompassing. The beliefs that unite us are very important providing us purpose in how we approach what we do for you. We're not a churn and burn business, we believe in doing the right thing - beyond self interest that often comes from a focus on money.  What unites us is the belief in betterment, where our values focus on contributing. We're not about taking. We've taken the time to search out people with the same focus. Doing this benefits you because we bring a freshness to the table, the kind of freshness of thought that is underpinned by purpose, not simply saying stuff because it sounds good or is jargon.

We're an agency that delivers WHAT. We write and design press ads, build websites, create corporate brochures, develop online campaigns, construct and execute content marketing, build TV commercials, radio ads, billboards, business cards, letterheads ... you get the drift right? But we're also an agency focused on WHY. We're an agency that believes in standing for something, and that something is a value, not the newest greatest widget (cos there's always going to be a new one of those!). We're about the human part of what business is about. The strategic work that sits behind brand positioning, the research that brings to life unspoken customer truths about your category - the ones people use to determine your like-ability. We believe in connection. Without that, the business world, and the humans who operate in it, are on a path to irrelevance.