Marketing or Advertising?  

By our estimation, they are words they are often used to refer to the same thing. But we're not quite sure.

At The Jam Jar, we think marketing happens before advertising. Advertising sells your product, marketing are the things that go on behind the scene in preparation to ensure your product works to it's maximum potential.

4P's of marketing. Product. Price. Placement. Promotion. You get the picture.  Given our focus on human behaviour, we'd add another P. Perception.

Ideal customer, where are you? Market Research & Segmentation

At The Jam Jar we have access to a wide range of data, the purpose of which is to build a profile of your idea customer.  We believe understanding is paramount; knowledge informs action. We want to learn as much as possible about how your current or potential customers think, behave, and feel.  

Understanding your customers' road to purchase presents advertising, and marketing opportunities too.  It can flush out a fork in the road where our strategy can have an impact, shortcutting a typical behaviour directly it your benefit.