What you can expect

Every industry has its’ stereotypes, and advertising is full of ‘ad men’, right?

As cool as the TV show Madmen was, it’s not us. We’re not a well-oiled machine of wheeler dealer sleazy salespeople, or a business of social misfits who use crayons instead of blue pens. We won’t baffle you with B*S, nor do we speak computer (some people really do think it’s a language of marketing???). 

You’ll find The Jam Jar are people who care about something other than ourselves. We’ll guide you along a journey of discovery, partnering with you to focus on solutions in the best way (not the easiest or quickest). We’re not a ‘yes’ factory, and just as we respect you know what you’re doing, we ask you do the same. Yes, we approach things slightly differently, yes we’ll ask you to Trust us, and yes we’ll probably stretch you here and there – but chances are, you’re on this site because the old ways of doing things are just not working the way they used to.

While we’re chatting, we also need be up front: if you’re expecting a silver bullet, jump off our site and visit a gun shop. Meaningful ideas take time, and effort. If someone is throwing ideas at you before they actually know you, your business or your market – watch out, they’re be opportunistic and just guessing. There’s no other way to say this: it’s dangerous and irresponsible, no matter how sexy the idea sounds the first time you hear it. Our work is a process, where the answers build along the way. It’s about exploring alternatives, and not just accepting the first thing that comes to mind.

When you work with a brand + strategy + creative agency you're buying people dedicated to you. The cost buys future thinking, lateral thinking, creative thinking, design skills, and professional media knowledge. Like you in your industry, we actually know what we’re doing in ours. While we’re being honest, you need to know sites like fiverr are not the same as an agency, even though they may claim to deliver similar outcomes. We’re not sure how you can access critical business thinking in an Australian context from an outsourced international provider?  If you know, please tell us. We’ve also heard “I have a friend who will design something up”. This is prone to the same shortcomings – no critical thought. We’ve spoken to the friends: they just did what they were told, without questioning and exposing a new world of knowledge. This means you will need a budget set aside and it will cost.

P.S. if it sounded like we were on our high horse, it’s because we see people make bad decisions without being fully aware of the alternatives. Part of our job is to guide you, to help you know “good” from well, you know what.