When was the last time you did something for the first time 

It's a rush isn't it, taking a risk? We all do it everyday, to varying degrees. But there are all sorts of cultural and biological factors that work against us pushing the boundaries taking that step to do something new.  

At The Jam Jar we believe Advertising is about understanding where instinct and culture intersect. We think being effective at our job means understanding their interplay, and if necessary, challenging (with you) commonly held beliefs about how people behave.  We don't subscribe to a Hypodermic Model of the media.  Human behaviour is more sophisticated. 

Sometimes, silence is better than bullshit

We’re all about advertising that is easily accessible, effective and focussed on your outcomes. We're not about advertising that is designed to win high-flying industry awards. We're grass roots. We're about rolling our sleeves up, understanding the challenge you set out to overcome, and delivering solutions that work.

This means we listen, a lot. Sure we can walk the walk and talk the talk, but really, is that what you want? 

When it comes to Advertising, what is it we do?

The Jam Jar team will spend time with you, and after we've understood your needs, deliver a plan detailing how to execute the best solution. The recommendation will include creative concepts for your project, mapping out why the idea meets your need. It will also include options on the most effective way to reach the largest number of your target customers. Most importantly, within the agreed budget.

Seemingly random thoughts

What makes us confident we know what we're doing, and we can help?  Well .... we concur with a Canadian Philosopher when he said 'The Medium is the Message'.  That bloke was Marshall McLuhan, and he even wrote a book about it.  He said the medium itself impacts the way we comprehend the message. It's relevant in todays' ever-changing mediascape. For example, have mobile phone actually facilitated more freedom for people, or have we been tied to them, and in the process triggering deep desires about the need for affirmation, now expressed as people compulsively 'check' their phones just incase someone has sent an SMS.  

We also think humans are users of Symbols.  And we're not referring to Stonehenge, though it is a very good example of the point.  It's actually more about Semiology - the process of creating meaning.  In advanced capitalism, we choose things as consumers because they communicate messages about who we are, and importantly, how we want to be perceived.  They tell the world what tribe (or family) we belong to.  For example, I'm part of the Holden Commodore family.... what mental image came to mind, and what cultural message did you get?  Or, I'm part of the BMW convertible family.  Again, what mental image came to mind, what cultural messages did you get, and what did you infer about my personality and lifestyle based on that information.   

There are lots more insights we bring along with us to our conversations with you.  Fundamentally, we'll sit with you working out what tribe your customers belong to, the best way to communicate with them, in a meaningful and salient way.  

What can you expect?

We take a pragmatic approach to human behaviour, recognising that as much as we want to influence and make things happen, sometimes it just takes time, and consistency of effort. As much as we'd all love to think we can make a magic wand and something will happen, we know is the magic is in the thinking.

At The Jam Jar you'll get insights from psychology, understandings of human behaviour from sociology, and many years of multi-discipline media experience to the table when we sit with you.

We love conversations, and look forward to having one with you.  See you at The Jam Jar.