Connection with purpose.


It's about being authentic.

The Jam Jar is different to other agencies because we think you don’t need to change who you are. We encourage you to be more of what you are. For us, it's about being authentic. It's about being the most you can be. Doing the things you want to do for the reasons you want to do them, that's the reason you're in business right? To us, it's about walking in-purpose.

Your brand is what people buy first.

Your brand is more than your logo. It is not your signage, your stationery, or how your website looks. Though this is part of your brand, it's more than this. Your brand is what goes on in people's heads when they think of you. It's how they feel about you. Your brand is therefore what you stand for.

Nike stand for action and a resistance to hesitancy: Just do it. Apple are a business that think differently, which leads them to disrupt old ways of doing things, creating beautiful customer focussed user friendly technology.

Your brand is your WHY. It's your reasons for your customers to believe in WHAT you do. Your brand is values based - it's not your product. It's the belief behind your product.

Why The Jam Jar?

We're motivated by a fundamental question: what’s possible? 

It drives all of what we do, how we approach the challenges you face, how we develop the solutions that come, and how we evolve our business to continue to be at the front of the curve.

Our purpose at The Jam Jar is to affect positive change. We want to make things better. To do this we think better, understand better, act better, create better. All focussed around you.

You see, we believe there’s more going on at any one moment than immediately obvious. Before anyone acts, they need to believe. Like right now: you’re reading our words determining whether what we’re saying is worthy of taking the next step, to contact us to find out whether we can help. We believe that same process is going on for everyone. How can you expect someone to act if first you haven’t given them reasons to believe?

To us, humans are moral, conceptual beings. Believing this means we engage the heart and the mind, to dig beneath the rational - linking What and Why. That’s what turns what's possible into possible.

We’re one of a very small number of Perth brand and creative agencies thinking this way. If you’re tired of the norm, want something better – where better is more impactful, more meaningful, where the results are more powerful because you’re making the lives of your customers (and non-customers better), you’re on the right website.


How we can help.

We are a brand + retail advertising agency. We'll help with super charged retail advertising, the development of brands that stick, strategic work (customer research + competitive market analysis), the development of ideas (creative) and the execution of them into media environments.  Our focus is solutions for your needs ... that's pretty obvious.

We tailor what we do to what you require ... that's pretty obvious too. What's less obvious is we're not expensive. We do a fair days' work for a fair days' pay.  We're also not a sausage factory low value agency - we hope that's obvious as well.

From experience, there are 3 broad groups that cover what most businesses need. We welcome you to click and read through each to see if any work for you. If not, please contact us - we'll get back in to the kitchen creating a new recipe for you.





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